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Louis Lisi, Elmont, NY

I make sure I listen to The Big Band Broadcast every Saturday evening because for three hours in the week I donít feel like a 73 year old man, but a sixteen year old carefree boy.

Other people like me call in and request records that I would have chosen, and hearing their phone voice makes me feel connected.

When you get a request from me, Louie from Elmont, Iím amazed that you usually have what I want and play it on the spot. You sound just as eager to hear it as I am, and your enthusiasm makes me enjoy it twice as much.

Even though your lines are always lit up with other callers ahead of me, I always manage to get through thanks to my persistent redialing fingers.

Your voice is very pleasant and friendly and has an energizing effect on me. It is interesting to hear the callers tell about the bands and singers theyíve seen in person. Some of them Iíve only heard on the radio or on my records, or Iíve seen them in musical movies. If they mention the ones Iíve seen in person, I relive the whole wonderful experience.

If there is anything that drives me crazy, itís when I hear a great song by an unfamiliar singer and the announcer forgets to say who the singer was, or the song title. You have never done that, and always keep us well informed.

I canít say enough about you and your wonderful program. And so I say "Thank you."

Frank Spano, Northport, NY

Tuned into The Big Band Broadcast last Saturday night while in progress progress. Stayed with it until the end and was so happy to hear such a wonderful program with all those gems of music that had come into my home. I could not believe you were able to respond and play a request that quick.

You have planted wonderful flowers in that desert in the radio where your kind of program will be so appreciated by so many.

Your easy and warm interaction with the callers, and your unhurried manner is another gift. Itís all a perfect wonder.

My wife Josephine and myself are both looking forward to hearing you again next week, and are eagerly waiting to give you a call. I wish you all the best, and again, a sincere thanks for all of your efforts to keep this program growing. I am relaying this experience to all I know.

Warren & Doris Klinck, Merrick, NY

Just a few lines to let you know how much I appreciate your fine Big Band Broadcast. You have an extraordinary talent for presenting the wonderful music of the 30ís and 40ís which far surpasses the noisy sounds they call music today.

Your knowledge of the bands and their leaders is astounding. Iíve learned much listening to your show, even though I am in my senior years.

Playing the requests by phone from your increasing number of loyal fans sets you above and beyond any other disc jockey, especially the way you handle the requests and the personality interviews. I always phone in my request, usually a Harry James recording, and while talking to you, I always make sure I tell you how great you are and that you are a musical genius, who is needed very much by your army of fans.

So keep up the fine job you are doing, and always take care of yourself because we need you!

Rose Galbo, Massapequa, NY

You light up my life every Saturday night. When I turn on my radio and hear your voice, I know that we are going to be hearing wonderful music.

About three years ago I was flipping through the stations on the radio when I found you. Iím so glad I did, because it was at a time when I really needed it. Since then I havenít missed a Saturday night. This Saturday night I will be babysitting and I may not be able to get to a phone, so can you please play my favorite Dick Haymes song, "Youíll Never Know," and thatís going out to you Chris, God bless you.

Angela Lobriglio, New Hyde Pk., NY

Saturday night is the best night of the week. Ever since I found your program about a year ago, I have been listening faithfully every week. The program is wonderful! Big Band music has always been my favorite.

As a jazz singer myself, I am very inspired by the music. You are terrific and we need you forever as you are making millions of people very happy. God bless you and your genius. Always your greatest fan, Angela. P.S. Ė Love you.

Donald Singer, Forest Hills, NY

I found your show by accident three years ago and have been "hooked" ever since. For three hours, every Saturday, we can all feel like "Millionaires" listening to your dulcet tones introducing the standards. I echo the thoughts of so many of your listeners who wish you could be on during the rest of the week.

I do have one question, though. Why did you discontinue what I feel was the crown jewel of your program, "Miller At Midnight?" Iím sure if you "Polled your audience," there would be an overwhelming demand for its return. Even if its once every two weeks. The bottom line is that your broadcast is magical, and "That is my final answer!"

Marie from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Although I did not have the pleasure of growing up with the Big Bands, I enjoy and appreciate this era.  What a pleasure it is to hear from them each week!!!!  Of course, this is made possible only by our Host whose appreciation and dedication has helped to keep this music from being disregarded by the exchange of constant nuances in today's music. Thank you Chris for keeping this epoch alive!!.

Bill Gallagher, Breezy Point, NY

I know you have thousands of fans who have lauded you, and I would like to add my voice to theirs. You canít imagine the great pleasure my wife and I get in hearing your program. It isnít just the fine music, it is your attitude, your philosophy-you are indeed a class act. You would have fit in perfectly in the 1940ís and outdone Martin Block.

I just love that fan who added reeds to a trumpet. It was the worst musical sound I ever heard. He even beats Bob Burns and His Bazooka! You and he make a great comedy team, heís Costello and your are Abbott. I love it.

I wonder if it nostalgia that makes your program so well loved. There is that, but also simply, a love of music. Thanks for everything Chris, and donít ever stop what you are doing. ĎKeep íem Flying!í

Ann from Howard Beach, NY

Saturday night is the sweetest night of the week. Cause thatís the night Chris Valenti gives us a treat.

He is our swing master, donít you know, and he has quite a show!

His music is simply grand, and heís our Saturday night main man.

From ten to one, heíll take your requests, itís the Big Band Broadcast, and it is the best!

Thank you, Chris.

Jack Verga, East Meadow, NY

Radio has become an appliance that should be left turned off until Saturday night for the one and only Chris Valenti extravaganza! What a delight. How can it be truly described in its deserved elaboration? I would need at least two dictionaries with ten times as many favorable adjectives. Itís a representation of Godís omnipotence. Every Saturday night I say a prayer of thanks for you, the music that you keep alive, the memories you enable us to retrieve and treasure.

The music you play keeps us alive. When I am tired, but have work to do, I play one of your taped programs and voila! Iím not tired anymore. My work gets done and I thank you and God again. What your program means to me can never be expressed in words. Itís too wonderful. I feel somewhat sorry for the youth of today. They donít know the true beauty of life like we do.

What your program means to me is that I know we are not completely forgotten. Like Warren of Merrick says, "We need you!" Keep up the good work, your steadfast listener.

Lynn Clare Simon, Scarsdale, NY

Your Saturday night music sends me! I was one of the fortunate ones who worked side by side with the Big Bands, and none of us knew we were working in what would become the great Big Band Era! What a sweet dividend we are now receiving in hearing all the beautiful songs all over again.

First I was a cigarette girl in my teens at the Astor Hotel in NYC. Rudy Vallee played there followed by Hal Kemp in 1936. My real career was in í38. I skated at the College Inn where Frankie Masters was playing. In í41 at the Hotel New Yorker where Benny Goodman, Woody Herman, Johnny Long, Jerry Wald and many more played. Other skating shows I did were with Clyde McCoy in "Ice Ahoy" and of course Frankie Carle.

You have such a warm and caring personality, no wonder your listeners like you so much! So dear Chris Valenti, thanks for the memories and keep up the beautiful work.

Frankie Carle, Mesa, AZ

Thanks for the tape of our interview. It was the best show I ever heard! I really appreciate you playing all of my recordings. Keep it up, and may God bless you and your family for being so nice in thinking of me. Sincere regards always!

Kathleen Conza, Richmond Hill, NY

Your radio program featuring music from the Big Band era is wonderful, just like you! I look forward to your program every Saturday night. Not only to listen to the great music, but also to listen to you and all the great people who call in to request their favorite music. You and your fans are genuine and sincere.

I cannot thank you enough for your fantastic radio program. Your program brings back memories of the good years, years I wish had never ended.

Mrs. L.B., Franklin Square, NY

I love your show! In fact, my television set goes off at 10PM on Saturdays to listen to your beautiful music. I also listen to you on WGBB. I really would appreciate it if you can play ĎIt Had To Be Youí with Betty Hutton. Thank you.

Roger Dales, Mesa, Arizona

Just a note to let you know that even after I moved from Northport to Arizona, I still listen to your program every week. I have a friend tape it and send it to me every week! Iím sure you remember when I called from Arizona and stayed on the line for an hour listening to the show. How could I hang up, we were having too much fun listening to you and the great music. Speak to you soon good buddy, and play some Vaughn Monroe for me!

Hey folks! Here's something unique. Turn the radio on Saturday night each week.

Ten p.m. it starts to twirl, Chris Valenti will give you a whirl.

The time of the big bands, those days of yore. Chris brings them back, like never before.

I feel it straight from yesteryear. The rhythm that we find right here.

The 30's, 40's, 50ís too. Chris will play requests for you.

These songs have passed, from hands to hands. Bequeathed to us, by America's big bands.

Today we have another king. Czar of the juke box, King of the past, Chris Valenti, has made it last!

Nick Lombardo, Massapequa, NY

A short note from one of your listeners and sometimes caller. Iím writing to let you know how much I enjoy your show. Itís with out a doubt the best program since the old ĎMake Believe Ballroomí with Martin Block. And that goes back a long time ago. You bring back so many good memories to a lot of people who were young men ready to go to war and fight for their country. It was the time of the Big Bands and all its great music.

When you can hold a girl in your arms and float across the floor dancing to your favorite song, just meant for the two of you. Words put together as one would write a poem set to music. For me, a great example of this is Glenn Millers song, ĎUnder Blue Canadian Skies.í There are a few lines in it that are pure poetry;

Her lips were sweeter than the wine.

Her hair was fragrant as the northern pine, and suddenly I knew that love was mine, under blue Canadian skies.

Alas, here is my ditty for you;

There once was a fellow named Chris, who played great music, and oh what a bliss. 

That todayís kids donít know what they miss. 

But us old timers love it. So we dream and reminisce, to the music of yesteryear, from our great friend called Chris.

As one guy keeps saying, "We need you!"

Mr. D. Leggio, Old Bethpage, NY

The music you play takes me back to the good old days. Being at the concert at Randall Island Stadium in 1937 was great. And who could forget Martin Block on WNEW. Later when the war started in 1941, I was working at Grumman Aircraft in Bethpage. I was building the F4 and F6 fighter planes. Keep playing those great 78ís, they sound great!

John Fioretti, Jericho, NY

I am a WWII combat veteran and you really do bring back a lot of memories. Here is one of them. In 1941, I was a senior at Flushing High School. We ran a Big Band popularity contest and Harry James won. The real thrill of this was when we went on the radio with Alan Courtney. We will never forget it.

Why do I like the Big Band Broadcast? Let me count the ways. First and above all, itís the music Chris Valenti plays.

We get James, Miller, Goodman and Shaw. And of course we get many more.

Male vocals by the Eberly Brothers, Bob and Ray. Also Dick Haymes, Sinatra and even Johnny Ray. 

Female vocals by Forrest, OíConnell and Patti Page, and so many others, I could fill the page.

Callins like Angela, Ritter, Warren and John, some great people you can count on.

We need more days and I mean plenty, for The Big Band Broadcast and Chris Valenti!

T. Brown Stella, Old Bethpage, NY

Thank you for the hours of enjoyable Big Band music. Listening to the choices of artists, brought me back to a more carefree part of my life.

I have to say though, that I appreciate the voices, instruments and songs more now, due to my maturity and acquired knowledge of music.

George Hazel, Lynbrook, NY

It was such a pleasure to hear your three hour program on Saturday night. I have never been a listener to the more contemporary music, so it was really great to get your program loud and clear. I have so many favorites it would take five pages to list them all.

I will try to call you on air next week because you are so cordial to all the people that you talk to. I wish you the very best, and I know you are probably getting more popular each week.


Frank Ingolia, Freeport, NY

You are without a doubt the best thing to come along since Martin Block. In fact, you are the Martin Block of the 21st Century, and I mean that sincerely. I have scanned the dials for years looking for this music, and have always been dissappointed. Now I have a home! Thanks for playing every request Iíve ever asked for, it is remarkable, and you are the best! Thanks again.



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